Ark Tsisserev’s Lawyer Speaks…Vision Vancouver In Full Attack (Read: PANIC) Mode: The Spinning Begins!


This morning on CKNW, former Vancouver City Electrician Ark Tsisserev’s lawyer made comments which are not only being manipulated by Vision Vancouver  but also being repeated by people close to both City Manager Dr. Penny Ballem and Vancouver General Manager Dave McLellan as some sort of vindication.

Well, let me burst that bubble for all of them here.

But let’s start with the statements made this morning by Mr. Tsisserev’s lawyer, storied legal giant Russ Chamberlain, QC.

Here are Mr. Chamberlain’s exact opening words this morning on CKNW:

“I just wish people would leave Ark alone…and carry on with their political agendas somewhere else” (Russ Chamberlain, March 17th, 2010)

Does that sound right to you?

The Fire Technicians Network, the Electrical Contractors Association of British Columbia, countless electrical contractors throughout the City, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, three key city staffers, one prominent union representative, four active contractors with the City of Vancouver, one representative of a major electrical life safety provider–I spoke to ALL of them. Not one of them, not a single one has a political agenda. In fact, six of the aforementioned WERE staunch Vision Vancouver supporters and feel they were betrayed, not because of anything political–but because AFTER Ark Tsisserev was unceremoniously fired, the city of Vancouver is “less safe”.

Let me repeat that phrase “less safe.” It is consistent throughout all the literature I have been provided, which has been authenticated by City Staff, including the original letter from the Electrical Contractors Association Executive Director, Ms. D. Cahill.

In fact, this whole matter began after I was leaked the email stream between Ark Tsisserev and his colleagues, from October, November and December of last year and then into early January–when he first raised concerns related to life safety issues with respect the the Olympic Village and then was concerned about inspection limitations for the pending Olympics.

What’s happened here is obvious…

Information provided to me late last week about Ark Tsisserev’s settlement (specifically that he was made to sign an additional media gag order) rattled City Hall to their core when I repeated it on Global TV on Monday night.

Was the agreement breached? Of course not.

Moreover, in my opinion, Mr. Chamberlain, being the motivated fellow he always is with his storied reputation in tow, wanted to eliminate any chance his client wasn’t on the receiving end of any legal reprisals.

But let’s not waste time having you or Vision’s propaganda team wonder if I’m right or wrong; let’s go to Mr. Chamberlain himself, again, since I just got off the phone with him.

“Look, I just want my client the hell outta this godamned thing. We signed an agreement with the city that is confidential and we’ll be making no comments about that. If there are safety issues at the City, I don’t know that and it’s not the opinion of my client since he became my client on January 24th, 2010 (emphasis added). That’s when I was retained. Ark is my only source and since he’s been my client and we’ve been negotiating with the city, I don’t know of any safety issue and neither does he. If safety issues exist, then that’s your problem to find out about ‘em and you should because I would…Ark is my only source and if I knew that there were safety issues over there, I’d go down to the city myself…I’m a man of principle. As far as we’re concerned, Ark was dismissed due to restructuring and money and we got an agreement signed and that’s it–end of story, I don’t care about the rest of it.” (Russ Chamberlain, March 17th, 2010)

Now re-read that VERY carefully. There is a clear and obvious message there.

Nevermind the spinning and lying that will inevitably come from Vision Vancouver, their propagandists or PR hacks feverishly toiling away for them (I’m told since Monday night)…you can clearly see what’s happened here.

Russ Chamberlain was hired to do a job and he’s done it–“end of story”, at least where Mr. Chamberlain and his client are concerned. When I called him back to confirm the above quote (as I do not tape calls) he informed me that he had just gotten off the phone with city solicitor Greg Hayward, who was the lawyer that negotiated the settlement on behalf of the City of Vancouver. Mr. Hayward (who is also of sound reputation) asked Mr. Chamberlain, AGAIN, if he knew of any life safety concerns or other concerns regarding this whole matter, because the city is “interested in addressing them.” (Mr. Chamberlain’s comment relaying Mr. Hayward’s comment).

Isn’t that nice?  After two months of being bombarded at the Mayor’s Office with concerns from top flight electrical and life safety experts, the City is now interested in doing something about it.

Well, alright. I’m happy to help, too.

1) If all Olympic venues were approved by city electrical inspectors in accordance with all recognized electrical and safety standards, release all the reports. You have nothing to hide Mr. Hayward, Dr. Ballem, Mayor Robertson. If there were no issues like using stages and stands as grounding, propane tanks inside tents, no fire alarm panel inside the tent of a major sponsor at LiveCity and no unapproved wiring in any tent, and everything was all appropriately checked and approved, let’s see it. Let’s see it now.

2) If Ark Tsissrev was fired  due to “restructuring and money” then how does that square with a $2 million dollar net profit by the electrical branch last year alone?  And explain how council fired him citing two reasons, for which, according to the city charter, he CANNOT be fired. The city electrician can only be fired for reasons relating to “fitness and merit.” A change to this list of causes must come from Victoria. Can you please release the amendment to the Charter made by the Provincial Government?

3) Why the revolving door of explanations by the Mayor? Between 4pm and 4:30pm on Monday of this week, he changed his story THREE times about what he knew and when he knew it. If you include his drivel from last week, that makes it FOUR convoluted stories in less than a week.

4) Safety concerns by the Electrical Contractors Association are one and a half months old. Why hasn’t the Mayor addressed them??  The letter from the Executive Director, Ms. Cahill, has been sitting in the Mayor’s Office for as long. The excuse of hosting the Olympics doesn’t wash since life safety issues are top priority, or at least, they should be. Why would the Mayor not instruct city staff upon receipt of such a letter to immediately investigate the allegations? Why the extra-long delay?

5) The messaging that “nothing happened through the Olympics” (listed prominently by Vision’s propaganda web-fluffer) is pure deflection and utter, pre-paid nonsense. That’s like emptying the magazine of a 9mm over the heads of a classroom full of school children and because none happened to be caught in the crossfire, claiming that they were safe through the ordeal. Besides, the image below, leaked to me by an electrical contractor, was from out behind the Canada Pavilion. If it wasn’t for the presence of mind of a worker, who dropped the breaker, that could have been a major problem.

But I guess the transformer in Vanier Park being approved based only on a contractor’s declaration was the optimal way of getting that approved, right?  There are DOZENS of examples like this, dozens. And the city are trying to sweep the concerns about all of them under the rug. They are in deep trouble and they know it.

The Mayor lied on province-wide TV, and if this whole matter is really “embellishment” then why are they all acting like bit players in the Nixon White House?

At the end of the proverbial day, NOTHING has changed with respect to this story–the life safety concerns are real and remain unaddressed–and the City of Vancouver still owes citizens answers to questions raised by reputable life safety and electrical experts.

I’ll have MUCH more on this in the coming days. If anything, the Mayor’s ridiculously contradictory comments, the Vision propaganda lapdog’s pathetic, confused and city staff-insulting op/ed piece from last week’s Sun and the city administration’s dismissiveness have upset more than just few at  City Hall. And they’re talking again.

As for Russ Chamberlain, I heartily applaud him. He did what he was paid to do and he’s protecting his client.

Too bad the Mayor of Vancouver, Vision Vancouver and certain like-minded, politically-motivated city administrators aren’t very interested in protecting YOU.


59 Responses to “Ark Tsisserev’s Lawyer Speaks…Vision Vancouver In Full Attack (Read: PANIC) Mode: The Spinning Begins!”
  1. Pedro says:

    Hi Alex, Well Said, but why should you have to prove once again the incompetence of the present City Administration? Which, by the looks of it you are likely to have solid grounds to do over future matters. There was a time that when someone was proven at fault, they did apologize, if honest, or at least were silenced in shame.

    • AGT says:

      Thx Pedro. But they won’t admit to anything because they’re embarrassed. The twisting of the facts by the Vision crew is unbelievable. They’ve even got some mentally unstable NDP kid from Powell River sending me physical threats–it’s incredible. Just wait til you see the next installment. They are in very deep.

  2. Glissando Remmy says:


    “Here’s looking at you, kid”.

    Well done. You’ll get to the bottom of this.
    I take my Biltmore Fedora off to you ,


    • AGT says:

      A Biltmore no less?! What about a Borsalino and a Chester Barry? LOL!

      • Glissando Remmy says:

        Why Biltmore? Simply because I own two Royals. One Cognac, the other one Black. Yes, one Blue-Navy Borsalino would be nice. Chester Barry!? I’m not familiar with this brand.
        But the idea was the same… My future Borsalino (blue-navy) hat off to you!

        • AGT says:

          Chester Barrie (sorry I was in a rush and misspelled the name) are an English fashion house that I used to buy from when I lived in New York (and was in shape–they feature a more slender cut). For about three years they did hats too and I bought one while shopping in Manhattan–not expensive either! …the best fedora I own and lasts forever in the rain without getting ratty etc. Yes, and Borsalino are wonderful. Thx for your complimentary words. Be well.

  3. larry Bennett says:

    There was once a storied lawyer who won a settlement based on the condition that he would get a certain percentage of said settlement, providing that the details of said settlement were not revealed?

  4. cindy says:

    “I just wish people would leave Ark alone and carry on their POLITICAL AGENDAS somewhere else”. – Russ Chamberlain
    and he says “As far as we are concerned Ark was dismissed due to RESTRUCTURING and MONEY and we got an agreement signed, THAT’S IT – END OF STORY….I read his statements to be directly aimed at you.
    Why would you BOMBARD anyone for TWO months and especially the wrong people – take your ‘complaint’ to the right places VANOC/IOC, CAMPBELL WHO HIRED MILLENNIUM WHO ‘HAD NO MONEY’ AND DID THE WORST JOB POSSIBLE.

    • AGT says:

      Madam, please don’t refer to what you are doing as “reading”. Firstly, are you suggesting that I am responsible for dozens of complaints to the Mayor’s Office? Because if you are I think you might want to lie down for a while. Secondly, you think Mr. Chamberlain’s comments were directed at me? I spoke to him, in case you missed that part of the above post, for almost a half hour. He never once accused me of anything, in fact, he suggested if there were code violations that I go after them, because “I (he) would”. I guess you missed that too. Thirdly, you are barking (perhaps literally) at me because you were put up to it by an imbalanced Grant Gough of a fraudulent website hailing from Powell River, where I am routinely smeared and defamed. After he threatened me with physical violence because I would not print actionable (read: completely unproven) comments he wrote about the Premier, I banned him along with someone who goes by Koot (more appropriately Kook) because their insane comments were the source of many complaints from readers who don’t mind a robust discussion but cannot accept comments about the Premier’s private life (Without proof or relevance to govt) and the like. Kook and Mr. Gough’s websites are loaded with lies and and half-baked bromide and do not represent anything except that one should always read the wee writing on the front of medicine bottles. The story that you and your extreme NDPer are perpetrating about the Olympic Village will land you in court. And I will take great pleasure in reporting that story believe me. you cannot get away with lying about people and making statements which are without fact or any merit whatsoever. Additionally, VANOC are not responsible for the inspections of city sites–the city is. Now, if you don’t mind, we actually work around here. Good evening to you.

  5. cindy says:

    Perhaps a modified version will pass your ‘moderation test’.

  6. Union Man says:

    HEy Tsakumis. U got everyone own here paranoid but do not stop buddy. every since that bitch Ballem showed up its crazy over here. Do not stop and get to the truth. Of course tents were no inspected by us they wouldnt let us on sites. Don’t quit man don’t let these goofs who come on here get you down. U got all of us down here supporting for you.I hear they are gonna try to attack you but you ar a big boy do your thing big man. Go after em and do not stop. Tell you one thing none of my crew will be voting vision ever again.

  7. Gary L. says:

    It’s never the allegation, but the cover-up that takes the Players down………..
    Hardly an original quote, but as applicable in 2010 as ever.
    Keep turning up the heat Alex! This is too serious a matter to “just go away”. The Players are hoping against all odds that it will.
    It won’t.
    Gary L.

    • AGT says:

      Thx Gary. Working on it as we speak. I may have an update sooner than I thought. The Mayor and his propagandists have VERY MUCH upset certain people at the Hall. Appreciate you stopping by.

  8. landlord says:

    Hi Alex : I just took a look at your friend Jonathan Ross’s website. In view of his slanderous attempt to blame Vision’s problems
    on “unaccountable city bureaucrats” last week in the Sun, I note his sales pitch :
    “When a rapid response is required by a company as a follow-up to questionable media coverage or editorial content, TDH Strategies can craft a tailor-made letter to the editor or op/ed piece.”
    I have never met Mr. Ross. He must be very young or very foolish. With friends like him, Vision doesn’t need enemies.

    • AGT says:

      Hey Landlord: Great to have you here. No, I didn’t see it as I don’t bother going to his site more than about once every ten days or so, and that’s if I remember. I get leaked the Vision speaking notes on a regular basis and sure enough, the correlation between the timing of fluffer pieces by him and the actual notes is striking, but hardly a surprise. As for his absurd piece, where else but the Sun could he get crap like that published? In case it didn’t occur to Jonathan, the party that pays for him to shovel such mindless garbage is the same one who spent the entire of the last election blaming the politicians for the Olympic Village mess, etc. Now, their boy genius tells us it’s the fault of rogue staffers! Hilarious! And he confuses administrative efficiency with endemic structural problems, as politicizing the bureaucracy–which is always a dangerous proposition.

      Notice, too, that this was on the heels of my turning up the heat on the issue of the Tsisserev dismissal. Vision fashions themselves as Obamabots of the North (what a laugh considering how the ones to the South are failing miserably!) and they like to try to turn the page, change the channel, etc. Notice the next morning after this story was covered masterfully by Global and NW, Gregor was out talking about shelters, with empty rhetoric and hollow messaging. Christ, Sam did better than that!

      Then, they get all their blogosphere sickos to come on this site and insult everything from my weight, to my family etc, but are the first whiners to accuse ME of being “angry”??? I’m not angry. I’m passionate. Maybe I should release the emails Ross sent me late last year insulting my family, wife, appearance, etc. These people are sick and vicious and do not care about this city. It’s about riding Gregor like a thirsty horse, until he drops. Then they’ll saddle Raymond or Geoff etc. They don’t care about the public. But I will expose them soon.

      Yeah, Jonathan can craft a rapid response alright–only out of toilet paper. He is the same immature twit to launch fire bombs at Stephen Owen, when little Johnny had no more people to drive nuts in the Liberals and went off working for Stephen Rogers and the Conservatives. That was after an illustirous career driving Art Cowie’s vcaTEAM campaign into the ground and eventually moving on to Vision where where after driving Kash Dhaliwal’s campaign into the ground (a common theme with Ross) he has managed to piss off at least seven of Gregor’s biggest organizers/backers from the last election. They think he’s a major liability. Go figure… You think he’s very young or very foolish? Try both. Big time. He hasn’t figured it out yet because that would require some intellect, but the more he/they smear me, the harder I’m going to hammer them. But they’ll get it…when it’s too late.

      • landlord says:

        I was referring to his TDH Strategies site. (
        On the site he offers various services to clients including “website design and architecture”. He doesn’t seem to realize that the design of his own site is amateurish at best.
        It’s odd that a party with total control of Council has accomplished so little, although perhaps that’s a good thing. Incompetence and inexperience can’t really be dressed up as bureaucratic intransigence, not for long anyway.
        I look forward to the day that you turn your attention to the Cortes Cult. I see it as a kind of New Age Jonestown, but with organic fruit juice instead of Kool-Aid.
        In a way it’s sad to see idealistic boomers (mostly white and hopelessly middle class, btw) getiing chewed up by people who have had to get things done in the real world. But welcome to the NFL, Vision rookies.

        • AGT says:

          Right, I know. He is insufferable as he almost always gets the story wrong and only has lies to offer as background. It’s astounding that he hasn’t been sued yet. I know of two lawsuits that Ross was threatened with and as soon as contact was made with him, he backed off and switched positions immediately. Know why? Because when truth is the only sure defense against defamation actions, then he has no back-up.

          As for Vision, I repeat, if they are soooooooo secure in their position as the returning govt in the fall of 2011, then why are they in such a panic? Why do they need to unleash this idiot Ross to go out and spread their lies and spin? I thin the answer is pretty clear.

  9. Crankypants says:

    In your title you state “the spinning begins” From where I sit, that is all we seem to be subjected to. Our governance of every description “spins” their message, usually at great cost to the taxpayer. Vested interests in a particular issue hire professional “spindoctors” to carry their message to the masses which are less than objective.

    I’m starting to feel as if I’m stuck in my washing machine and always stuck in, you guessed it, “the spin cycle”.


  10. Truth hurts fatso? says:

    Alex you are a fat swollen pus loaded maggot. We will win the next election again no matter what you do you fat ugly fuck. god you are ugly, are your parents that ugly too? You think that you are smarter than Gregor but you aren’t.

    We are all sitting back having a good laugh fat pig. I hope you get sued by the city and that they shut down your blog. No one in Vision cares what you think because we come around here to laugh only. If there were some Olympic places that needed approval quickly so whats the big deal ugly? We were hosting the world you fucking idiot. You cannot beat us unless its in the shit department fatso. Go have a heart attack somewhere why don’t ya and die fat man.

    • AGT says:

      Apologies to those readers who find this comment offensive. I have received no less than two dozen of these kinds of messages since Monday, clearly from Vision Vancouver supporters who show their true colours. Ever since I did the interview on Global Monday night they have gone nuts. This is one of the more TAME comments (actually similar to a couple of notes I recd in the fall of last year from Jonathan Ross, Vision’s propaganda lapdog). These are the people you elected Vancouver (and, stupidly, that I endorsed–some of them anyway). And they’re rapidly destroying the city. Congratulations to all of us…

      • david hadaway says:

        I hope you can compile a small, or possibly large, book of these ravings and release them in time for the next election. Signed presentation copies for the Vision team, of course, plus a dedication to the Psychiatric Institute of Canada.

  11. Janice says:

    Hey Alex. This is really excellent coverage of a tough issue. I hope you keep your chin up because the Vision attackers sure seem to be angry at you, but you can take it for sure. Good luck and keep up the excellent work. You seem to have really got under their skin and that can only mean one thing. They have everything to hide..

  12. cindy says:

    Ho hum fiddledee dee, make that read ‘after two months of being bombarded at the Mayor’s Office with concerns from top flight electrical and life safety experts’…..but it would be extremely difficult to think that you have gone to all this trouble and not yet contacted the Mayor’s Office but so be it. The point of course being your ‘complaint’ NOT the inspection, about the electric, should be directed at Vanoc.
    Regards your 8:03 pm post – ‘No, I answered above. No need to modify.’ You answered the modified version!
    Madam is a Sir, sir.
    The rest of your post is not worthy of comment.

    • AGT says:

      Reading comprehension doesn’t come easy I guess…..

      I did in fact speak to the Mayor’s office about this affair twice and the City thrice. That was in my original two reports. And you again don’t understand, VANOC has nothing to do with inspecting panels etc. Do you not understand that? As for your “other” post, it’s all that came through. Maybe if you weren’t so busy sending me crap, and take more time to read, you’d have a n easier time joining the discussion. And it is unnecessary to send me the same message four times. Thx.

      As for your contention that the remainder of my previous answer to you isn’t worth your time, then why do you come here? You tell lies and spin no differently from Kook Kook and Grant Goof–who will eventually land in court.

  13. power ranger says:

    dont let this one go alex! you have them on the run, this is obvious. they cannot answer your questions keep firing at them. i know something you dont. they are afraid of you, why do you think they get jonathan ross or brent granby and others fools to try to change the channel? i gave up on them right after the election when they went after people so personally inside the party. it was only a matter of time before they lost your support and you turned on them. mike magee knew this and told me personally. now their worst nightmare is coming true. they have lied to the people and look who is leading the charge in telling the story! stay the course alex. i guarantee there is something you will find soon and they are very worried believe me when i tell you.

    if the npa or some other party run with good candidates they will make back big gains and if as you suspect furlong runs for mayor the juice boy is going to back to making mango juice. i will stay in touch.

    • AGT says:

      Thank you, I’m doing more research and compiling more information. Don’t worry. It’ll be public soon. Thx for your support. Take care and pls come by again.

  14. larry Bennett says:

    Don’t think that one guy likes you much Alex, definitely won’t be applying for your fan club membership. That’s okay, it’s a sign that your getting to the bastards; ain’t politics ugly? We love you more than they hate you, and love wins out in the end.
    (The above in only the most masculine, way, heh, heh) Goes to show what you’re up against and how close you are to success.

  15. workforfun says:

    Hi Alex,

    Great piece and keep on doing what you do.
    It is about time that these self centered, devious twits got a hefty dose of what they are doing, thrown back at them. Once in office/power, some seem to think they can do whatever they want – regardless.
    City council would be after a contractor who tried to put up a building without safety inspections (legal requirement) – don’t see how the city can say they are not subject to the same requirements.

    It is sad to see the mayor say that no -one was hurt – implying that is is OK to have un-inspected complexes, housing hundreds of people. They got veeeeery lucky, which is fortunate, but they still screwed up big time. Now the make it so much worse by lying – and as we all know, one lie begats another and so on.

    Sad day for Vancouver – city hall being run by a bunch of liars and cheats in top positions eh! Only in Canada they say – or should that be BC. With Campbell at the helm, it is all “monkey see, monley do ! ”

    Keep up your good work squire.



  16. Omoishiroi says:

    I think I recognize the writing — ‘truth hurts fatso’ is likely Kerry Jang – that’s the same tone he used on the citizens of False Creek North when they objected to opening VISION’s crack house on Howe Street!

    • AGT says:

      Well, I sure hope not. I’ve had several discussions and exchanges with Kerry over the last year and a half and he was always a gentleman and completely courteous.

      Though, your pithy comments on the crack house shelters is much appreciated by me, yes and yes again! Well done.

  17. Realist says:

    Hi Alex,
    Keep up the good work my friend, there is nothing that you have published regarding this issue that is untrue. You are right on the money, and you have them on the ropes telling one bare face lie after another.

    I feel sorry for the poor brainwashed soul ( truth hurts fatso ? mar 18 1.19 am ) he obviously has some mental issues, probably missed his medication or something. Anyone who could possible support these Vision wankers couldn’t be right in the head.

    But you can be certain about one thing, ” Poster Boy” Mr DUI himself is 100% behind all of this…yes, he is still running the City of Vancouver whether we like it or not, and the sooner we get well rid of that asshole the better.

    Thanks again Alex.

    • AGT says:

      You know…that’s not an angle that I haven’t thought about and I’ve been looking into it for about two weeks now. I’ll report back but you know the Premier is awfully good at covering his tracks….most of the time… Great comment. Thx for coming by.

  18. old man sachs says:

    i think most of those stupid threatening comments by goofs like truth hurts fatso are actually npa’ers trying to discredit vision and make vision supporters look like some kind of ignorant group of boneheads

    • AGT says:

      I would love to tell you that you’re right, so that you can thoroughly lat claim to such a hypothesis…unfortunately, the IP address came from the City of Vancouver. I usually couldn’t careless about someone’s Ip or where they’re from, but this one was so over the top, I checked, and, yes, behold the an IP from the City of Vancouver. And, Mr. Sachs, it is consistent with how I have been treated by Vision Vancouver supporters for the last year. It’s how they operate, sadly. Thx for stopping by. Pls join us again. Take good care.

  19. g west says:

    Russ Chamberlain’s comments – and his letter – are clear. I don’t think it’s Mr Chamberlain and his client who are manipulating this issue for political purposes.

    In fact, quite the contrary.

    The question is, why?

    • AGT says:


      I’m not sure where you would get the idea that anyone has suggested that Russ Chamberlain or Arkady Tsisserev are manipulating the issue for political purposes. What’s clear from Mr. Chamberlain, including in an interview with me, is that he wants nothing to do with this mater anymore because his client has signed off on a confidentiality agreement.

      If your contention is that several life safety stakeholders and electrical contractors are politically motivated, then I think you are grasping for straws.

      As if typical of the left/NDP/Vision, when faced with having had their lies exposed the response to to wail about political motivation, when in fact, that’s precisely their purpose in wailing about legitimate criticism to begin with.

      There are a whole slew of issues that remain unanswered. And Gregor Robertson is right smack dab in the middle of them..and he refuses to provide the people with the openness and transparency he promised.

      Now, maybe you can tell us why you haven’t asked ‘why’ about that.

  20. g west says:

    Oh someone’s playing political games all right. There’s no doubt about that – and, I’ve read all the stuff you’ve posted about this. There’s a whole lot of suggestion and supposition and a lot of pointless adjectives – not so much hard fact.

    I’m not holding a candle for anyone in this mess – don’t even live in the area. But, Mr Chamberlain’s message is pretty clear: His client got a severance or pre-retirement package from his long-time employer – just like some of the executives of BC Rail seem to have received a similar ‘settlement’ because the Government is swallowing what’s left of the railway. Nothing whatever illegal or improper about that – just business as usual….

    That’s the way businesses and (sadly) governments often work these days.

    All the public really KNOWS about this issue from the principal – Arkady Tsisserev – is contained in the statement of his counsel. You might not like it but that’s basically the end of the story. Without some real information from Mr Tsisserev – and given his lawyer’s statement that’s not going to be forthcoming – this is a dead issue.


    • AGT says:


      Please..when you come here, please don’t pretend you are non-partisan. You are a woollen NDPer with stupefying penchant for defending anything and anyone left of center. Please, try not to embarrass yourself further. No facts? C’mon Garth. Dozens of life safety and industry leaders, union tradesmen, city staff, the exec director of the electrical contractors association, and now Tsisserev’s council appointed replacement confirming that Olympic venue anomalies were REAL–that’s all supposition, eh?

      Garth, please go lie down for a while.

      And do not attempt to operate a car or any heavy equipment while in this state of NDP intoxication.

      Nice effort to spin, and I know I have you and your co-horts in a panic this whole thing could contribute to a new, non-NDP Mayor and council in 2011, but you need not fear this.

      Gregor Robertson and his Vision counterparts are doing a very good job all on their own.

      And it’s HIGHLY appropriate that you mentioned Gordon Campbell and Gregor Robertson in the same breath–they both operate with the set of ethical (sub)standards…IDENTICAL.

      But I’m nobody, right? This story has no legs, right?

      Let’s see about that.

  21. g west says:

    No political agenda at all – no long string of pointless offensive adjectives either. I think you’re the one with the political agenda and I’m the nobody.

    There is simply no other logical way to interpret Chamberlain’s letter – maybe you should read it again – his words, mutatis mutandis, apply equally aptly to YOU.

    Who are these industry leaders? I read their statements and they are all careful and conditional – it’s not the electrical contractors and the firefighters who are setting their hair on fire.

    There may well have been electrical issues at some venues – in fact I’m sure there were – but whether or not that has anything to do with Mr Tsisserev’s retirement is nothing more than conjectural. If you have some ‘real’ facts you should address them to the authority having jurisdiction during the games – Vanoc. It’s entirely possible there are safety issues which need to be addressed and it’s equally possible that some venues functioned on the basis of an engineer’s stamp rather than a completed occupancy certificate.

    You can ask some of your experts whether or not that happens from time to time – especially when dealing with temporary occupancies.

    But, after reading the stuff on your website I’m convinced you’re really up to something else – in fact, I think you’re up to precisely what Russ
    Chamberlain referred to in your quotation above:
    “I just wish people would leave Ark alone…and carry on with their political agendas somewhere else…”

    Now you can dismiss this conclusion by throwing more mud at me if you like – it’s your website – but I think the evidence – without a definitive statement to the contrary from Mr Tsisserev – speaks pretty loudly for itself. And most of that evidence is made up of YOUR WORDS, not mine.


    • AGT says:

      Garth: To describe the staements of the indsutry leaders as conditional is idiotic bordering on asinine. The IEW, the Fire Technicians Network, the Executive Director of the Electrical Contractors Union–their comments WERE NOT conditional, in fact, they laid blame where it is due: At the doorstep of City Hall. I know you need to fill up on lying to protect your freinds, but do it somewhere else. your comments do not reflect reality. either you are too thick or don’t care about public safety.

      And I never married Mr. Tsisserev’s firing from City Hall and the Olympic venue anomalies. I released the email stream he authored. I linked to statements by colleagues int he press about his concerns, both abou tthe Olympic Village and Olympic venues. I fully understand your need to rebrand and twist, but you will received no quarter from me.

      Temporary occupanicies do indeed happen from time to time, but why was this necessary when we were expecting the world? That’s a very fair question. In fact, what else has been allowed to slip after they canned Ark Tsisserev and made the city less safe? Another fair question.

      Russ Chamberlain’s statement, not letter, is crystal clear: AFTER, repeat, AFTER Ark Tsisserev became his client, no concerns were expresed about anything–he is covering the confidentiality agreement.

      And let me give you a little snipet of information…..don’t be so sure about where the information no pumpin gin the media is or sin;t coming from.

      The convenient hook that only Tsisserev himself can confirm or deny anomalies is, again, an expedient effort on your part, to spin this–I appalud your efforts to support your political brethren.

      Finally…I am the one with a political agenda? Garth, old boy, you certainly sang a different song when I was firing at Sam for his nothingness and stupidity, or when Gregor announced his candidacy in my column, or when I was supportive (and hopeful) durinf the last election that real change would come to Vancouver….

      You are a rabid NDP political hack whose fraudulent conspiracies know no bounds. Can you please go back to annoying Tieleman rather than having me school you?

  22. g west says:

    You clearly are not capable of conducting a rational discussion.

    I haven’t once mentioned any of the folks you’re so convinced I support.
    Why would I – they’re irrelevant to this issue?

    Face it Alex you don’t actually have any hard evidence and you’re the one with the conspiracy theories and the overactive imagination.

    I could make a cut and paste scrapbook out of your idle speculations if I had the time or the inclination.

    The email string Arkady authored and you released indicates there may have been a problem which affected some of the fire safety equipment in the athlete’s village; there was nothing, however, definitive about it and you’ve simply taken a ‘lack’ of evidence and blown it into a convenient stick to attack people you clearly have an axe to grind with.

    You’re incapable, apparently, of having a civil discussion with anyone -why are you that afraid of an anonymous poster Alex?

    One other small point – I don’t know where you got the idea I was a fan or a supporter of Gregor Robertson – in fact, nothing could be further from the truth – I think he’s a spoiled little rich boy and, as I told you at the outset, I don’t even live in Vancouver.

    Anyway, I’ll keep a watching brief on your little corner of the world in case you do come up with some real evidence of malfeasance – but I won’t be holding my breath. Furthermore, I think I’ll accept Russ Chamberlain’s testimony until then – his words are unequivocal.


    • AGT says:


      As I stated earlier, please let down since you’re napping away.

      1) You don’t need to mention anyone. Everyone knows you support them. You are on record as a lover of the doctrinaire left.
      2) Claiming I have no “hard evidence” on this issue only looks to confirm that you are delusional AND partisan. It is impossible to arrive at that conclusion and not be so.
      3) Speculation?? The CONFIRMATION of issues by the current electrical chief and Arkady Tsisserev’s reservations about problematic fire alarm panels (that still malfunction according to the Surrey, Burnaby and Vancouver Fire Depts isn’t enough for you?! OF course not.
      4) A “lack of evidence” on the fire alarm panels? Is that why I included a you tube video confirming same–one filmed by a City of Vancouver inspector and sent to me by him?! Is that why the Fire Techs Network conducted their own tests and arrived at the same conclusion? Is that why the Surrey and Burnaby Fire Depts rewrote fire manuals and attached warning stickers on those panels? Let me repeat: you are delusional.
      5) Russ Chamberlain’s words are NOT unequivocal and he explained to me, in an extensive interview, why he made the statements he did. I even called him and read back to him the statements I printed….for precisely the reason necessary here…that some left-wing pinhead would appear to try to save the day and only have to hobble back to the great big rock from under which he sprang…

      So long Garth. Please go back to annoying Tieleman. He takes such great pleasure in telling the whole world about it. And I can now relate!

  23. g west says:

    Once again I emphasize, it’s your website – mess it up however you please – If you had an extensive on the record interview with Russ Chamberlain I suggest you’d have printed it – you haven’t and Chamberlain was pretty clear about what he said relative to his client and to political posturing of any stripe.

    I don’t use words like doctrinaire anything – that’s your shtick. I also don’t call people names or imply anything about anyone’s head – nor do I call people who ask simple straightforward questions ‘delusional’ or ‘partisan’. People who do tend to reveal more about themselves than they do about the target of their invective – the kind of thing high school bullies specialize in.

    Again, on the basis of the evidence you’ve provided above us here in our few exchanges today (all of which I’ve kept a copy of because I note you have a tendency to delete anything that doesn’t comport with your ideology; especially from an interlocutor who doesn’t take a sufficiently sycophantic posture towards yourself) your tactics are very nicely illustrated.

    Again, when you have some real evidence I assume you’ll post it and I’ll be watching. Thus far, sadly, nothing but rude posturing.


    • AGT says:

      Oh dear… Garth I just cannot take the unending stupidity you shovel. It has nothing to do with approving of your thoughts or comments. I get many people who come here. And some who disagree, but at least read what I have written and are ale to comprehend without the necessity of spinning and lying about my statements.

      The below is a complete statement given to me by Mr. Chamberlain. It was part of an extensive interview. I guess, in your zeal to smear me with anything you prayed might stick, you didn’t “read everything” I have written on this matter–as you claim.

      “Look, I just want my client the hell outta this godamned thing. We signed an agreement with the city that is confidential and we’ll be making no comments about that. If there are safety issues at the City, I don’t know that and it’s not the opinion of my client since he became my client on January 24th, 2010 (emphasis added). That’s when I was retained. Ark is my only source and since he’s been my client and we’ve been negotiating with the city, I don’t know of any safety issue and neither does he. If safety issues exist, then that’s your problem to find out about ‘em and you should because I would…Ark is my only source and if I knew that there were safety issues over there, I’d go down to the city myself…I’m a man of principle. As far as we’re concerned, Ark was dismissed due to restructuring and money and we got an agreement signed and that’s it–end of story, I don’t care about the rest of it.” (Russ Chamberlain, March 17th, 2010)

      That says it all, not withstanding the twisting of Mr. Chamberlain’s words by you and others.

      Good luck Garth. You’re clearly needing it.

  24. g west says:

    Yep, that’s exactly what I said: Russ Chamberlain and his client have NO safety issues – if there were, as a man of principle he’d go down to city hall himself.

    Here, I’ll quote his own statement back for everyone to read:

    If there are safety issues at the City, I don’t know that and it’s not the opinion of my client since he became my client on January 24th, 2010 . That’s when I was retained. Ark is my only source and since he’s been my client and we’ve been negotiating with the city, I don’t know of any safety issue and neither does he. If safety issues exist, then that’s your problem to find out about ‘em and you should because I would…Ark is my only source and if I knew that there were safety issues over there, I’d go down to the city myself…I’m a man of principle. As far as we’re concerned, Ark was dismissed due to restructuring and money and we got an agreement signed and that’s it–end of story, I don’t care about the rest of it.”

    He hasn’t. And he ‘doesn’t care’ about the rest of it.

    Get the picture Alex?

    That says it all Alex – I’m not twisting anyone’s words – YOU ARE.
    I believe Russ Chamberlain is a man of principle – I’ll accept his word over yours any day.

    I’m not smearing you – YOU’RE SMEARING YOURSELF.


    • AGT says:

      It wouldn’t be so bad if you were confused or delusional, and not both all the time.

      What Chamberlain is saying is that AFTER he got involved, there were no issues Mr. Tsisserev TALKED about. It doesn’t mean he didn’t have them. Learn to read.

      But just wait until next week when the bomb drops. I’ll bake you a crow pie the size of GM Place and enjoy watching you eat by the shovel full.

      AND! I will certainly feature your name, among a few others as being part of a crew of ignorant, doctrinaire charlatans, whose sole purpose is to lie and deflect for your political pals at Silly Hall. That’s precisely what you’ve tried here.

      This blog is a BS free zone. And congratulations, this is your last post here. I’m getting too many complaints from regular readers.

  25. Vancouver Real Estate = Drug Money says:

    Vancouver Real Estate = Drug Money

    Thanks Alex, and just so you know, this is not just a one time event. In fact, the problems that you sight are a continuing problem that contractors and employees have to deal with every single day. Problems that come with the caveat; To be a whistler blower in BC is to be put out of business and out of a job.

    BC really does have the most horrible people on both sides of the political aisle

  26. Bob Turner says:

    Thanks Alex, personaly I think you told Garth your methodology and why you have questions for the City Of Vancouver. I as well as many others IMO understand why you want to get to the bottom of why Mr. Tsisserev’s services are no longer required. I for one NDPer would liked you to get to the bottom of this very serious matter for the same reasons as stated by yourself. I would like to differ with you about the NDP however. Personally I do prefer the NDP as a political party and an alternative to the Federal Liberal thiefs and of course our other brand of Lieberals. The Conservatives are apparently no better with their Air Bus Carl Heinse Schrieber scandle. I am aware of the provincial NPD Fast Cat Ferries scandle as well but you’ll have to admit their only problem with the fast ferries is that (IMHO) that there were some fat cat liberal home owners with homes on the coast where the cats were to land and take on passengers. They seen that the NDP had a good thing happening there so they ganged up on the fledgeling NDP party and because of their lack of governing experience they were forced to close down the fast cat program. The lieberals then saw fit to sell the Cats for a song to their freinds. Maybe you have a different way to look at this and I was carefull not to use the (s) word (SPIN). Ha! Ha!


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