There is no shortage of  forgiveness in a life where redemption is come by honestly. You fully own your mistakes–oh, to see this in our youth, however; that moving on isn’t simply somewhat genuine, but a path hopefully gilded with future accomplishments–and that, adorned by the emotional wealth of an authentic contrition which guided you. […]

I was recently asked by columnist Barbara Yaffe of the the Vancouver Sun to provide comment for a story she was doing on Vancouver’s illustrious (and hated) City Manager Penny Ballem. Here are my comments to her: “Penny Ballem has utterly politicized, and, thus soiled, a position which requires uncommon judiciousness and integrity. Her ham-fisted manner […]

There was a day, during his time as MP for Vancouver Center, that the late Art Phillips made a remark which has stuck with me to this day. Listening to him speak to a throng of reporters post victory, (I had been co-opted to attend by my father–an almost dizzying supporter of Art’s when the […]

As you all know, I remain adamantly AGAINST the closure, certainly without any reinforcements that will replace the Kits Station. But last week, I noticed, in order of appearance, Vision Vancouver Councillor Kerry Jang, Union overlord Jim Sinclair and left wing PR spinner and pretend reporter Bill Tieleman, all lining up to politicize the closing […]

My grandfather, the only one I ever knew, was as decent a man as you’d ever meet. His daughter, my mother, still can’t talk about him with dry eyes. He would walk from his very humble home on 1st and Maple, that he shared with my grandmother, and their cat Duke, to our house in […]

In the ongoing saga of just how much destruction inside the VPD Chief Jim Chu can commit to, this afternoon in Vancouver city council chambers, you are highly likely to hear of what will surely amount to more morale-killing with members of the VPD. Chu is not unlike a plague of locusts, feeding off the […]

I have a long standing rule. If it’s enough to make me uncomfortable; it’s definitely not for any child to see. Not mine, not yours. I don’t need to wince. Well before that, I know if an issue or speaker might be inappropriate for a child. It’s called having good judgment, and I’m exceedingly sorry […]

Join me and tens of thousands across the province and the CORUS Entertainment Network tonight at 7pm sharp. CKNW 980AM is releasing the BCRail/Basi-Virk documentary presented by NW’s top notch investigative reporter Bob Mackin. Featured interviews: Bill Tieleman John vanDongen David Basi Alexandra Wrage Alex G. Tsakumis Don’t miss it!!! Huge kudos to CKNW for […]

I’m not sure whose playbook the federal Tories are following, but they must be tired of making plans to either suffer a loss in the next election or eke out a minority government. There is no other explanation. Yes, they’ve made some very good decisions generally (solid budget, strong commitment to law and order, etc) […]

There are no words to describe my disgust with VPD Chief Chu. Morale at an all time low…..’Porngate’…..the pussification of an entire department…..officers in complete depression…..the missing women’s inquiry revelations…..Penny Ballem barking orders during the Stanley Cup playoffs and the accompanying cover-up…..and of course, the riot, which could have been totally preventable if the Vancouver […]