(UPDATED) ‘EXCLUSIVE’ BREAKING NEWS: Officer Down–Are the Vancouver Police Department Covering Up the Suicide of One of Their Own?

Monday, January 5, 2015

It’s never a good thing when a cop loses his (or her) life–far from it, it rips away at our collective soul as a civilized society. Most of us don’t own the kind of courage it takes to walk out of our home on any given morning and know that the wave good bye to loved ones may be our last.  It’s part of the the job for cops; that’s the discipline.  It’s how cops live, and the stresses of modern policing are growing exponentially. You’ve likely never heard of Doug Woollacott.  He was a very well respected member of the VPD, with an unblemished record,... [Continue reading]

Patti Bacchus Didn’t Deserve to Be Vancouver School Board Chair–Ever!

Monday, December 15, 2014

No greater truism in education exists than the resounding fact a teacher is the single most transformative figure in a child’s life, particularly through cognitive years.  It’s why you’re seeing an explosion of pre-K, as much as while the government in this province ignores any reasonable tribute to them, teachers are venerated by parents, who see them not only as classroom assets from K to 12, but coaches, tutors, counselors–even friends, both to their students and parents themselves. To be a teacher is to provide inspiration, calm, transformation–all for the better–always... [Continue reading]

The Lepard Doesn’t Change His Spots: VPD Chief Jim Chu’s Minister of Disinformation Telling it Like it Isn’t–ONCE AGAIN!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Policing, in the modern day, is fraught with danger. Everyday, thousands of men and women ‘in blue’ walk out their front doors and wave goodbye to their loved ones, knowing full well–even if unlikely, it might be their last time.  Being a cop is being many things, but, done right, you’re a hero.  I know of instances where hardened criminals relied on the police.  Lives changed, relationships formed.  It’s not a service to your community taken lightly.  A shootout can breakout at any time.  No shortage of immediate criminality can have you on edge for days–sometimes... [Continue reading]

The Arrogance of Winning an Election: A Lesson Rarely Learned

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It appears to matter not who it is, or which party they represent.  Whether it’s out illustrious Premier, or now the reminted Mayor of Vancouver, arrogance, is top of the agenda, leading in the priority book, heads and shoulders above audacity or some silly initiative or priority, often lied about during any given campaign. It’s as if no one has heard of Gordon Campbell or Sam Sullivan, or, really, pick anyone that soared too freely only to meet the decided fate of Icarus. When Campbell became premier, all signs pointed to a premier, one day, of monumental accomplishments.  He was,... [Continue reading]

Allen Garr’s Shame: A Case of Pot Meeting Kettle–The Vancouver Sun Has NOTHING to Apologize For!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nowhere in journalism, at least good journalism–which includes a heap of honesty, and sprinkled liberally with integrity–does it say that you should have no life outside of being a scribbler or talking head.  In fact, most journalists are paid a pittance for the courage of putting their name to their work every time an opinion or report is ventured. However, to have not an ounce of guilt, not a pang of conscience, in attacking colleagues for the precise journalistic conflict-of-interest one has raised from a science to an art, is a tad much, even for someone as shameless as Allen... [Continue reading]

Christy Clark Said What About Breaking the Law??? LOL!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In what must rank as one of the most astoundingly ironic statements she’s ever made, our absentee Premier decided to weigh in on the pipeline debate today, by, brace yourselves, admonishing adult protestors to stop encouraging their children to break the law. I just about died from laughter. FACT:  During the May 2013 election, she was revealed in a newspaper article written by former Vancouver Sun journo Jonathan Fowlie (who is terribly missed) to be a hockey mom that routinely runs red lights with her son Hamish in the car. In the article, the boy himself encourages her to do it, so she... [Continue reading]

(UPDATED NOV. 28/14) ‘EXCLUSIVE’ BREAKING NEWS: VPD Chief Jim Chu Hid Major Cuts to Police Department Until After Vancouver Civic Election

Monday, November 24, 2014

Well, what other bloody conclusion could one draw?  This type of slashing and burning, without a hint prior to the election, is reminiscent of when Gordon Campbell attempted to lie about the HST; that the tax the people of this province hated from the outset, in fact, wasn’t discussed prior to the 2009 election (documents revealed later proved he was lying, as was former Finance Minister Colin Hansen). So what was Chief Chu’s excuse?  Through the election the Mayor of Vancouver was asked several times about city services being cut; he was actually asked about fire and police services... [Continue reading]

Surrey First Forever?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Well, that’s apparently the opinion of the citizens of Surrey, who delivered to Surrey First, a three-peat last Saturday; one of monumental proportions. Despite polling that I predicted was fundamentally flawed, Surrey First, ably led by Linda Hepner, soared to victory.  It just wasn’t possible for Barinder Rasode to even see a win, and the same can be said for Doug McCallum (I’ll explain below). Besides, they were essentially being run out of the same stable. The anatomy of the Surrey First win is as simple to decipher as that of the Rasode/McCallum loss:  Deliver good, honest,... [Continue reading]

Kirk LaPointe: Vancouver’s Accidental Saviour?

Monday, November 17, 2014

There is much takeaway for all three civic parties after Saturday’s disappointing Vision Vancouver win–but mostly for the NPA and the city’s accidental saviour.  I’ll explain below. Let’s have a look at the lessons learned…in no particular order… COPE: 1)  They elected candidates that were too left wing, too doctrinaire, too rigid.  Having Tim Louis, sympathizer of mass murderer Che Guevara, anywhere near their party (again!) sealed their fate.  They didn’t learn their lesson from previous Louis nuttiness??? You think that doesn’t matter?... [Continue reading]

If You Really Care About Saving Vancouver on Saturday, November 15th., You Must Vote for the NPA

Friday, November 14, 2014

There used to be a few basic rules in politics, such that you didn’t lie to the public, and that no matter your agenda you affected change with frugality, measure and reason. Allison Redford always preferred the bus. Justin Trudeau never inhaled more than a few casual puffs (although judging from his policy initiatives he seems to have never exhaled). Our Premier actually “rolled up her sleeves” (with cape and utility belt in tow) and solved the teacher’s strike. You get the picture; political pronouncements should come with mandatory doses of Gravol. We’ve been exposed to such uncontainable... [Continue reading]